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Individual, relationship, and family therapy for clients in California via telehealth. By understanding how to identify and articulate your own needs you can improve the quality of your life no matter what the next steps look like.

Transitions - big or small - can lead to anxiety or maladaptive coping skills. Whether you are graduating from high school, dropping out of college, preparing for retirement, or grieving the loss of a pet, change causes stress.

Telling your family about your divorce? Blending a family? These dynamics can strain relationships and test your patience. Navigating parenting with a toxic ex requires a certain set of tools.

Most people do not get the support they need to be satisfied with their sex life, improve intimacy, or explore sexuality throughout their lifespan. I am a Kink Aware Professional with knowledge of BDSM, sex work, consensual non monogamy; as well as the impact disability has on sexuality.

Whether you were raised in the foster care system, adopted, planning to foster/adopt, considering reaching out out to a birth family- these experiences create lots of questions about who you are and where you came from, as well as fear and anger, rejection and loss.

Enmeshed families, emotionally immature parents, micromanaging spouse? Co-dependency is disguised as love, safety and support but always drains your energy.

Trauma is less about the experience and more about the reaction to the experience. Trauma tells your brain that you are in danger and creates a way to keep you safe. Sometimes this creates a pattern that is no longer necessary.

Services: Projects
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