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Individual, relationship, and family therapy for clients in California via telehealth. By understanding how to identify and articulate your own needs you can improve the quality of your life no matter what the next steps look like.

Trainings, workshops and consultation around the following focus areas: co-parenting, sex & sexuality, relationships,  foster care & adoption, and trauma. I currently facilitate a free consultation group for mental health professionals working with ethically nonmonogamous and polyamorous populations.

I offer off-site virtual clinical supervision for social workers pursuing clinical licensure. Individual and group supervision is available in Pennsylvania only. Areas of focus include maintaining ethical behaviors, managing transference, culture & context, solution focused, dialectical behavioral, Gottman Method, and sex & sexuality.

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Focus Areas

Life Changes

Changes - big or small - can lead to anxiety or maladaptive coping skills. Whether you are graduating from high school, dropping out of college, preparing for retirement, or grieving the loss of a pet, change causes stress.


Telling your family about your divorce? Blending a family? These dynamics can strain relationships and test your patience. Navigating parenting with a toxic ex requires a certain set of tools.

Sex & Sexuality

Most people do not get the support they need to be satisfied with their sex life, improve intimacy, or explore sexuality throughout their lifespan. I am a Kink Aware Professional with knowledge of BDSM, sex work, ENM/poly; as well as the impact disability has on sexuality.

Foster Care & Adoption

Whether you were raised in the foster care system, adopted, planning to foster/adopt, considering reaching out out to a birth family- these experiences create lots of questions about who you are and where you came from, as well as fear and anger, rejection and loss.


Enmeshed families, emotionally immature parents, micromanaging spouse? Co-dependency is disguised as love, safety and support but always drains your energy.


Trauma is less about the experience and more about the reaction to the experience. Trauma tells your brain that you are in danger and creates a way to keep you safe. Sometimes this creates a pattern that is no longer necessary.

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Reach out with further questions

Am I a fit for services?

I invite clients to be a part of their own goal planning and actively engage in their journey. I hold my clients accountable and ask that my clients do the same for me - we are a team. Intakes can sometimes be awkward for both of us. Consider your intake an opportunity to interview me to determine if I am a fit for you.

I am fluent in American Sign Language. Members of the Deaf or signing community are welcome!

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please notify us as soon as possible. If there is a 48-hour notice, you will not be charged. Late cancellations are charged $55.00. No show appointments are charged the full amount. Insurance cannot be billed for a missed appointment. Thank you for respecting this clinical boundary as our professional time for your session has been set aside specifically for you.

Fees for Services

We offer self pay and insurance options. The full rate for clinical sessions are $175.00 per session. Superbills are provided upon request. We are in network via Headway with Anthem, Blue Cross, Oscar, United, Oxford, Aetna, and Cigna.

For those who are not able to pay the full rate, we are able to address this on a case-by-case basis.

We require a card to be placed on file in order to reserve your sessions.

Training & consultations begin at a rate of $250.00 per hour.

Clinical supervision will vary based on the level of support needed. 

Services: List
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